Helping Myself Heal

I promised to share with you the different modalities that I used to help my body along in it's healing process from last week's micro-journey into fibro/fatigue, and back.  I call it a micro-journey because it FELT exactly like the old fibro/fatigue that took 20-30 years to leave my body.

First, understand that my belief during most of this episode was that the cells of my body were overcome and reacting to a toxin.  By a few days in, I was pretty sure a flu-like virus was also involved.  If I would have been thinking toward a virus at the beginning, I would have taken a more immune-proactive direction in what I did for myself initially.

Prayer--I asked my daughter, Daisy, to pray for me, and she did, by faith, asking God, and at the same time speaking positively over me, that I be healed and whole.  I loved that prayer and believe it was a piece in my healing.

Practitioner Session--I called my friend, Donald Toomim, out in Portland, Oregon while I was still in the thick of feeling bad and asked him for his thoughts.  Donald is highly intuitive.  He tested me remotely regarding the hair dye, and agreed that my system was having a reaction.  So, at least part of the puzzle piece of this issue is that my body was overcome by the toxin and sick as a result.  What could we do to purify and cleanse?

Donald told me to put Purification Essential Oil from Young Living on my liver.  I barely had a drop or two left, but I do believe it helped.  He also told me to drink Kele from Wakaya Perfection, which is an already mixed, drinkable form of Calcium Bentonite Clay.  Calcium Bentonite Clay is well known for picking up bacteria, toxins, yeast, and viruses and whooshing them out of the body.  I do think drinking the Kele helped, and I really only drank it twice.  He also thought a Detox Footbath would help.  

Detox Footbath--my Ionic Footbath is from A Major Difference.  It has been detoxing me for several years now.  You should have seen that water when I got done!  No wonder my body felt toxic!

Supplements--besides what Donald recomended, I took some additional supplements.   Liquid super-nutrition bathes the cells in positive energy, helping them to function at a higher level, so I went to Zeal, drinking several servings throughout the day and night in my I-water.  I am ALWAYS amazed at the power of Zeal to uplift my entire system.  I took Immunostart from Mannatech and drank THRIVE, from GIA Wellness.  I also took Ambrotose by Mannatech, a long-standing immune booster, and Monolaurin from Inspired Nutrition.

Deta-Elis Rife--I have a little machine, about the size of a 1" thick cell phone.  It is a Rife Frequency Device that is kept on the body while running frequencies that are known to kill pathogens.  There are 3 frequencies for flu, Influenza A, B, and C.  I ran all three of these frequencies through 1 time and believe it made a difference.  

Bio-Mat--I laid on my Bio-Mat off and on the entire time, mostly set on high.  The cocoon-like warmth of the Bio-Mat took the chills away.  Bio-Mat increases circulation, and it's warm far-infrared rays penetrate deeply, relaxing the muscles.  

De-Stress--in my last post, I talked about how I believe I stressed my body out by staying up REALLY late!  It's almost like my body HAD to make up for the loss by sleeping and sleeping until it was better.  

In addition, that kind of sleeping, where you literally cannot hold your eyes open, is another sign of the body detoxing.  I have been on specific detox cleanses where all I could do is sleep as my body cleaned itself of the toxins.

Mentally De-stressing--Changing the underlying thoughts and attitudes about life, relationships, money, health that flow underneath who I am and set up my body for how it will be performing going on.  I have overcome many of the traumas that happened in the past, but a level still exists where I can get mentally stressed out over different issues in the way I am thinking.  Here lies the zone that most likely, underlyingly set me up for this bout of sickness.  This mental level is the deeper place I want to go to work on myself consistently to positively change.

Body Talk--I called my friend, Deb Luiken, my Body Talk Practitioner in Jamestown and asked for a distance session.  By that time, I was functioning at about 60%, but my entire stomach/intestine area was swollen and hurting, like someone had punched me in the gut.  We did the session, and ten minutes later, my tummy started feeling less sore!  She told me I would be better by the following afternoon, and sure enough, by noon the next day, all the swelling and pain were gone!  Body Talk works!

Chiropractic--after a few days of improving, I went to see Dr Kovacs here in Williston. He adjusted me using a combination of Applied Kinesiology and traditional Chiropractic.  This adjustment took the last of the discomfort out of my upper back.  

Viruses--In addition to the toxic overload and stress, I also asked Dr. Kovacs to test my tummy area.  He used Kinesiology to test and picked up that I had some kind of virus going on.  Then he tested me on a few products and came up with Systemic Formulas Immune Plus, 5 capsules a day/

Lessons--Some of what I wrote about in my last post were simply lessons to be aware of, and lifestyle choices to improve.  The inconsistent sleep patterns are one, along with searching for an alternative to the hair dye another.  I can ALWAYS improve on and change myself to be thinking positive and not be allowing mental stressors to dictate my life.