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What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-body medicine is a holistic approach to medicine that takes into account the effect of the mind on the physical processes of the body including the effects of psychosocial stressors and conditioning.  (

Mind-body medicine focuses on:

  • The interactions among the brain, the rest of the body, the mind, and behavior.
  • The ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, experiential, and behavioral factors can directly affect health.

Why is BodyTalk a Mind-Body Medicine?

BodyTalk works with the influence of our psychology, mood, emotions, and belief systems on our physical health.

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a type of Mind-Body medicine that looks at the whole person and the whole context of their life to address their health issues:  physical, emotional, social and environmental stressors, geneic, epigenetic lifestyle factors, and belief systems. 

BodTalk uses four key tools to establish and activate a prioritized and individualized treatment for a client based on a framework originally developed by Dr. John Veltheim that involves the new scientific evidence of quantum physics based healing:

1.  A comprehensive and integrative map of the body and mind (the BodyTalk protocol chart)

2.  A specific language to navigate around this mind-body map (the Exploring Procedure chart)

3.  A neuromuscular biofeedback technique, a subtle movement of the arm/wrist of the client by the practitioner to get yes/no information that allows establishment of the priorities from the protocol chart.

4.  A light tapping on the head and sternum to activate the brain and the electromagnetic field of the heart, thereby activating the treatment.

For more information on BodyTalk:

Books to read:

The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk:  Healthcare Designed By Your Body   by John Veltheim