Increasing Energy With Hydration

 Chellaberry Wellness is passionate about sharing natural ways of increasing energy for every age group.  Hydration is the foundation for good health and energy production, but is especially necessary for the essential self-care required when dealing with difficult health issues.

Water is one of the main catalysts for energy in your body. Physically, you are 70-80% water. Without H2O, your cells literally start to suffocate and shrivel up, desperately crying out with fatigue.  

Using the city analogy, your body is like an underwater metropolis. The quality and quantity of water you pour into your municipality directly determines the longevity of your city-body and how clean and functional it remains over time.

 In addition to improving energy, keeping yourself super-hydrated increases the functionality of every organ and system. The discs in your spine need hydration to stay cushioned between the vertebrae; your joints need moisture to keep the cartilage working smoothly; your bowel needs H2O to properly eliminate; your eyes need water to stay clear and comfortable; your brain needs to remain hydrated to stay mentally focused; your lymph system needs liquid to keep its river-like system clean; and your urinary tract needs water to be able to eliminate toxins properly.  Even the cells in your feet can get stuck together from dehydration combined with the weight of your body over years, causing it's own form of foot discomfort.

People have trouble keeping themselves adequately hydrated.  Chellaberry knows of one young mother who found it difficult getting even one glass of water down per day. She ended up dealing with low levels of milk production and had to wean the baby early!

Many elderly people have gone their entire lives drinking only a few cups of coffee a day. Their strong immune systems have carried them through life with little hydration, but even the strongest bodies will eventually break down when not cared for properly. Eventually, people find themselves weak, fatigued, constipated, sick, toxic and aged.

We all want to feel good. We desire the ability to carry out daily tasks easily, with energy and vitality.

However, only a certain percentage of us will actually do the regular self-care to renew the basic building blocks of our body, the tiny amazing micro-world of our cells that have the potential to carry us through an entire lifetime of being in great health.  

The good news is that our bodies were created to rejuvenate, in spite of abuse and neglect, when given the proper building blocks of hydration and nutrition.

Making this one simple change of drinking more pure water and other clear, health-promoting liquids will usually make for an instantly positive feeling in our bodies.

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How Much Water Should You Drink?

Chellaberry goes by general body size, along with individual variances, when determining how much liquid will be needed for truly staying hydrated.  Encourage even small children to stay hydrated.  By the time a child is 5, they should be drinking at least a few cups of water a day.  A ten year old should drink at least 1 quart of water a day.  Teenagers and small-framed adults should aim for at least two quarts of water daily.  Medium-sized adults should shoot for three quarts per day.  Large framed men and tall women should drink four or more quarts per day. 

You can also take your weight in pounds and divide it in half.  Drink that many ounces of water a day.  SO, an adult weighing 150 lbs would need to drink 75 oz a day of water.

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