Super Hydrating Nutrition           


Using Super Nutrition with Hydration

Good tasting super-nutrition drinks can be a huge factor in staying hydrated and, at the same time, giving your body nutrients in an easily-absorbed form.  The absolute hands-down favorite for super-nutrition hydration here at Chellaberry is Zeal by Zurvita!  Find out about the amazing Super-nutrition in Zeal here.

Chellaberry recommends 1-3 servings of Zeal a day for optimal wellness.  See my testimony article on Zeal here.  

Another high-quality nutrition drink is Beyond Tangy Tangerine by Youngevity.  Beyond Tangy is packed with nutrients and has an extremely high antioxidant ratio value called the OREC value.  

Herbal Teas

Detoxifying and Herbal Teas can also be a great way to help yourself drink more liquids. Some add natural flavor with no adverse effects, while others are truly beneficial and even naturally medicinal.  

One favorite is Wakaya Perfection Ginger & Turmeric Tea.   This delicious anti-inflamatory tea provides a daily dose of the highest quality turmeric and ginger grown on the planet.  This tea is deeply relaxing, so enjoy a few cups as you get ready for bed.

You may enjoy Calli Tea by Sunrider, a nutritious blend of pure green tea with chinese herbs, and Fortune Delight by Sunrider, a purifying powder blend.  

Trim Healthy Mama Drinks

A cookbook with great low sugar, hydrating everyday drink recipes is the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison.  These sisters have put together a fantastic, healthy living recipe book, and the drink recipes will surprise you with how good they taste!  Go to their website at    Trim Healthy Mama  for more info on this excellent program.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are excellent for flavoring water. Just a few drops of lemon, peppermint, lavender or tangerine oil are enough to not only flavor your drink, but really make a difference in your overall health.  Chellaberry's favorite oils are from Young Living

Drinks to avoid

Keep in mind that soft drinks are NOT hydrating; in fact, they are the opposite of healthy because of their extremely acidic nature. Coffee and Red Bull type caffeine-based energy drinks shouldn’t be considered part of your water intake.  In fact, if you consume these beverages, your body will need MANY times more intake of water to make up for the dehydrating and acidic nature of these drinks!

Avoid drinks that are sweetened with Aspartame, NutraSweet, Sucralose (which is Splenda) and Saccharin like you’d avoid being exposed to the Bubonic Plague. These artificial sweeteners are extremely toxic to the cells of your body. In addition, avoid drinks that contain artificial dyes, as they are toxic to the liver.

Acceptable, low-glycemic, low-calorie sweeteners

Use Stevia as a plant-based, no-calorie sweetener. Experiment with different brands.  For taste and purity, use Trim Healthy Mama Stevia and Sunny Dew Liquid Stevia Drops by Sunrider

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