Foundational Self-Care Ideas for Creating Amazing and Vibrant Health

Experiment on Your Own Body

Treat your own body like an experiment. Notice how you feel before and after every meal, every activity, every supplement, every soft drink, every pharmaceutical drug. Some reactions will be felt as extraordinarily positive or negative. Other reactions will be subtle, minute or barely detectible, but you can still perceive their effect if you train yourself to be self-aware.

Think of Your Body Like a City

Think of your body like a city and every cell like the people in the city. You are the mayor, the overseer, the caretaker of your very own metropolis. You want your city to run like clockwork. You surely don't want the people in your town, your body's cells, to die like flies, overcome by pollution. You as the mayor know you need to clean up your city's sewer system, your colon and lymph nodes, unblocking the mud and debris. Most of us have our little people cells suffocating, swimming in muck every day. Our cells need lovely clear streams to swim around in, enabling them to breathe and freely carry out their daily tasks of getting nutrients to every organ and body system.

Control the Ecosystem

In this city, you have control over what you put into your ecosystem. The experiment is to see what affects what. If you start powering your town's engines with more vegetables, does it function better? How does regularly taking extra fiber in pill or powder form, along with more water and clear liquids, affect the sewer department? Would doing a specific cleanse of your municipality's liver get the accumulated grime out?

Fight the Invaders

What if you, the manager, because of lack of knowledge about how to keep your town free of invaders, allowed your city to get old and run down? What if you allowed an enormous, stringy, monstrous blob to take over, killing and maiming your cells left and right, taking over entire neighborhoods of your precious city until it was all destroyed?

What if you could prevent such a disaster?  The newest science shows that we are more in control than was previously thought. Right this very minute, begin to make proactive changes in cleaning up the toxic waste dumps that are the bodies most of us live in. Learn natural, preventive ways to fight off the viruses, bacteria and cancer cells that want to kill, steal and destroy.

Make Positive Fuel Choices

Are you allowing your cell people to be bombarded from above with pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified food, bad fats, excessive sugars and pharmaceutical drugs? Or do you fuel your town with clean energy in the form of organic fruits and vegetables; grass-fed meat, eggs and dairy; high-quality vitamins and minerals; purified water and other health-promoting drinks? You are in control of your own city. Shovel in high-quality fuel and watch it make all the difference!

Commit to Using Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is any plant, herb, food, natural supplement, herbal cleansing modality, nutraceutical, vitamin, mineral, whole food supplement, detox method, exercise or other therapy that creates wholeness and healing without polluting the body. We are living in an amazing time of natural scientific discoveries. Our era, particularly in the Western world, is like no other period in history when it comes to discoveries in health and healing. Due to breakthroughs in the ability to isolate and standardize the exact components of plants that are well-known for promoting healing; through more detailed understanding of how the human body works; and because of inventions in therapeutic healing modalities, we have an unprecedented ability to help our immune system stay on track.

Layer Modalities of Self-Care

Create a synergistic sense of well-being by layering modalities of self-care. Imagine pouring layer upon layer of feel-goodness all over yourself and inside your city-body as clean burning fuel. Research the best and brightest in the world of pure food, clean supplements and natural therapies and set your intention to use them one on top of another for yourself and the ones you love.

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