Lifestyle Wellness Coaching


What is Lifestyle Wellness Coaching?

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching is an individualized approach that leads you take charge of your own health in a natural and nurturing way, giving your body the best chance for success in foundational areas of lifestyle, healthy food and cooking, natural therapies, hydration, and general well being. 

Why Should You Embrace a Wellness Lifestyle?

Choosing to live a healthier life that's focused on helping your body heal and promoting wellness comes with a variety of benefits:

  • Learn to heal your body the natural way!  Lifestyle Wellness Coaching with Rachelle can give you knowledge and skills to enjoy increased energy, weight loss, more ability to move around and excercise regularly, and a higher level of clarity and mental focus.
  • Change habits!  Improve your stress levels with the compounding effect of habitual self-care.
  • Take control of your own health!  You are in charge of your life and what goes into your body!   Personal Coaching will help you get a handle on areas that can make a dramatic difference in your quality of life.

Work with Rachelle on Your Wellness Goals!

Rachelle uses her intuition and knowledge in health and nutrition, as well as her coaching skills, to collaborate with you to identify priority areas to focus on in your Health Journey!

Individual Sessions and Money Saving Coaching Bundles!  Free Introductory Session!

Half-hour session: $30

One-hour session: $60

•Set of 6 half-hour sessions: $150

•Set of 6 one-hour sessions: $300

•Set of 12 half-hour sessions: $275

•Set of 12 one-hour sessions: $550

For Appointments, call Rachelle at Challaberry Wellness 701-350-0283

For Online Appointments, download the MindBody App and search for Chellaberry Wellness!