Bladder Care Protocol

Following is the protocol I developed for myself over three years of dealing with long-term bladder problems.  These recommendations are natural and safe for both children and adults, and are particularly important for women and girls!  See Bladder Issues and Me here

Why Women and Girls are Prone to Bladder Problems

  • Girl Anatomy--Residual bacteria from a bowel movement migrates to the urethra and moves upward into the bladder because of the closed in nature of our Girl Parts.  
  • Yeast Infections--Candida migrate from the vaginal area to the urethra and upward into the bladder, irritating and causing infections.
  • Lack of Habitual Hygiene--extreme cleanliness can prevent bladder problems from gaining a foothold.
  • Excess Sugar--Extra sugar can be dumped into the Kidneys, then the bladder, feeding any bacteria, yeast, parasites, and fungi that have migrated into the bladder.
  • Hormonal Imbalance--Too much systemic Progesterone, usually from added Progesterone creams and medications, even natural remedies can cause inflammation in the lining of the bladder.
  • Dehydration--The bladder MUST be continually rinsed out by water and other clear liquids.  With proper hydration, pee should be light yellow and clear of debris.
  • Low Level Nutrition--ALL the cells of your body must be continually bathing in a high level of Super Nutrition to function optimally and have the ability to repair your body internally.  This includes the specific tissue cells of your bladder.
  • Menopause--Women who have reached menopause by natural means or by surgical menopause, may become irritated in their Girl Parts and urethra from lack of Estrogen.  Small amounts of natural Estrogen Cream applied daily has been shown to strengthen the delicate skin in this area.

Foundational Personal Hygiene Habits for a Healthy Bladder

  • Super Clean--Clean yourself thoroughly after a bowel movement.  Use toilet paper and finish with non-chemical organic baby wipes.  Migrating bacteria from bowel movements is the way most bladder infections get started.
  • Squirt Bottle--Keep a squirt bottle, such as an empty dish soap bottle, next to the toilet and thoroughly rinse yourself EVERY TIME you pee or have a bowel movement.  
  • BM's--For bowel movements, clean yourself as above, then use the squirt bottle.
  • Skin Defense--Keep Skin Defense by Inspired Nutrition with the squirt bottle.  After rinsing, squirt yourself with 2-3 sprays of Skin Defense.  Alternatively, add a couple of tablesppons of Skin Defense to the water squirt bottle when you fill it.
  • Toilet Paper--Avoid grinding toilet paper into your front Girl Parts to dry.  This can injure your urethra over years.  You do not have to be completely dry down there.  Just pat yourself to get the drips off.  I avoid toilet paper on the front inner GPts.  There is the possibility of allergy to the chemicals used to make toilet paper.  
  • Underwear--Change your underwear every day.  Underwear harbors bacteria, and one 24 hour period is about the limit.
  • SHOWERS ONLY--Avoid taking baths.  No matter how clean you think you got your bathtub, it still harbors bacteria.  If you got it SO clean that there is absolutely NO bacteria, you most likely used a chemical with residue that could get up into your bladder through your urethra.  
  • Daily Showers--Take a shower daily and rinse your back and front GPts carefully.
  • No Soap--Do not use soap on your GPts.  Rinsing carefully is fine.  You do not want to get soap particles migrating up your urethra and irritating.  If you MUST use soap, make sure it is completely natural and chemical free.
  • Warm Water Only--Be careful with hot showers and hot tubs not to burn the delicate tissue of your GPts.  If you are taking a hot shower, tone it down to warm when rinsing your GPts.

Avoid if at ALL Possible:

  • Antibiotics--Do an internet search on the dangers of antibiotic use.  Realize that if you keep going to antibiotics to help your bladder issues, you will be first in line for the problems associated including:  yeast infections, staph and MRSA, future antibiotic resistance, just to name a few.  You are in charge of your own body.  There are alternative choices.

Foundational Diet for Bladder Problems

  • No Sugar to extremely low sugar--Sugar feeds the 'bad' guys like bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites.  Use Stevia or the Trim Healthy Mama sweeteners.  I recommend the Trim Healthy Mama plan and cookbook, which is devoted to amazing recipes that are low to no sugar or carbs.  I did not have this plan when I was going through these urinary difficulties.  
  • No to extremely low carbs--Carbs turn to sugar in your body.  Again, the idea is to starve out the harmful invaders!
  • Eat mainly vegetables, eggs, and meat.
  • Small amounts of organic cheese, kefir, and yogurt.  I would mix 2/3 plain yogurt sweetened with Stevia with 1/3 rgular fruit yogurt (some sugar there) to make the plain yogurt more palatable.  
  • Avoid fruit, potatoes, bread--again, they turn to sugar in your bady.  If you must have something, have a few small slices of apple or one good bite of potatoes.   I would eat one or two squares of stevia sweetened chocolate a day.

Side Effects of Foundational Diet

  • Better Bladder--Eventually, my bladder calmed down and healed.
  • Weight loss.  I lost 20 pounds and began to feel great about my body.  
  • Great skin--My skin has aged less following this low sugar plan.  It is now known that sugar cosumption causes wrinkles

Foundational Hydration for Bladder Issues

  • Hydration--Healing can ONLY take place in a well-hydrated body.  Period.  Your bladder cannot improve without being washed out by copious amounts of clear liquids.  This is a common sense approach.  I really watched and upped my water and clear liquid intake!  See my article series on Hydration here.  
  • Remember--certain clear liquids can irritate.  For me, regular black tea, even watered down, made my bladder flare.  Plexus Pink Drink, which I really liked drinking, made my bladder flare.  Coffee was definitely out.  

Front Line Go to Supplements


Do not wait until you have a full blown bladder problem to start this supplement protocol!  Pay attention and start at the first twinges.  If you are new to this protocol, use every supplement ALL at once.  This is a layering approach for great results.  When your bladder issues are under control, you may ONLY need the Pumpkin Seed Oil to reverse the problem, and you may want to stay on the PSO as maintenance.

  • Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil--1 Tablespoonful two to three times a day.  Austrian Pumpkins Seed Oil is a Miracle sent straight from the hand of God!  A few Tablespoons a day is all it may take.  You cannot overdose on it if you tried more.    
  • Marshmallow Root--2 capsules two to three times a day.  I got this little gem of an idea out of the Better Bladder Book by Wendy Cohan.  Wendy is the first one who made trying Marshmallow Root for Interstitial Cystitis more popular.  It works!
  • Uva Ursi--take 2 capsules two to three times a day.  I had tried Uva Ursi in the traditional tea form first.  It tasted bad, so I did not use it regularly enough to see a difference.  In the Better Bladder Book, Wendy Cohan suggests using the capsules, so I decided to give it a try.  Because I did this entire protocol together, I do not know at what level the Uva Ursi capsules kick in.  All I can tell you is I am a believer in this entire protocol.
  • Cream of Tartar--1 tsp two to three times a day.  Cream of Tartar is a by-product of wine making, and is the old time doctor's cure for bladder infections!  By 'old time doctor' I mean going back to at least the beginning of the 1900's.  Cream of Tartar does not taste too bad.  I take the power on a smaller teaspoon and dump it on my tongue.  I then take several swallows of water or other liquid to get it down.  Alternatively, mix it in water or other liquid.  

The above Supplements taken together took the last vestiges of my bladder problem away; however, at the same time I also practice Foundational Hygiene (see above) and Foundational Health (see my article here)

Second Level Bladder Supplements

  • Uristat, AVO, or Pyridium--Over the Counter names for Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride, which relieves urinary symptoms such as pain, burning, or the frequent urge to urinate by soothing the mucous membrane lining of the bladder and urethra.  It has a pain relieving effect, only to the bladder and urethra.  These little orange pills turn your pee bright orange, but they saved me for a very long time from the extreme bladder pain and frequent urge to pee!  I researched these little pills and decided they were pretty much harmless.  For sure they are the lesser of many evils.  I never wanted to be without them, yet could not wait for the day I did not need them any more.  Thank God for AVO!
  • Uribiotic--A broad spectrum HERBAL antibiotic supplement developed by Andrew Mierzejewski, a bio-energy practitioner and registered holistic nutritionist with over 20 years experience with helping bladder problems.  I took Uribiotic for about a year.  It really helped to bring down the level of bladder irritation and infection.  My bladder seemed to get used to the Uribiotic and slowly it lost it's effectiveness.  I had to take more and more capsules a day to get the same effect.  Still, it was a God-send at the time and I highly recommend having it on hand if you are prone to bladder infections.  
  • Native Remedies Bladderwell and UtiClear--Bladderwell is a homeopathic remedy that really helped to relieve my symptoms.  I also used the herbal remedy UtiClear.  Bladderwell and UtiClear did not completely heal the underlying continual problem, but they made my life much easier to bear. 
  • Standard Process Supplements--High quality, time tested natural formulas with whole food ingredients that are targeted to affect each person's unique needs for specific nutrition.  I used several different Standard Process formulas during the entire time I had this bladder problem, especially during the first year.  From this and prior experience, I believe that Standard Process supplements work on an underlying cellular level.  You do not always feel the products working quickly.  Because of this, your belief level can go down and you can want to quit.  However, I had a previous positive experience with Standard Process that worked in my favor to keep me on these products for that entire first year.  I do believe these products helped to lay a foundation for healing in my bladder.  You must be under a Chiropractor's care to use these supplements.  Dr. Bruce West is a Chiropractor that works with people over the phone with Standard Process Products.  He has an informative alternative health newsletter called 'Health Alert'. 
  • Monolaurin--Derived from Coconut Oil, Monolaurin has an effect on bacteria, yeast, viruses, and other unhealthy invaders.  I took Monolaurin faithfully for months, and still take it fairly frequently.  I do believe it was a level in my healing from the bladder issues.  I am a big fan of Inspired Nutrition's Monolaurin.  
  • BioFibrin--A blend of 5 proteolytic Enzymes from Inspired Nutrition, Biofibrin helps disolve 'bad' protein fibers.  I used it to help disolve bio-film, a sheath-like substance that bacteria create to help them hide and proliferate in the body.  This product made sense to me as far as reducing the inflamation and bacterial load in my bladder, and still does.  

 Supplements that Did Not Work Well for Me:

  •  Young Living Ningxia Red--I tried this high quality Gogi Berry juice for a few months for both energy production and my bladder.  Even though I like drinking Ningxia Red and think it is an interesting product, I found no change in the bladder inflamation, and only a slight bump in my energy levels.
  • Essential Oils--I tried a few Young Living essential oils.  I did not see any change.  To be fair, Young Living produces over 200 essential oils, and I had little knowledge of what oils would possibly work and how to use them.  Going down this avenue for healing felt overwhelming at the time.  It was like I was saving the possibility of really delving into Essential Oils as a bladder remedy until all else had failed.
  • Apple Cider vinegar--this remedy might be good for you, but it did not work for me.  I tried it with baking soda, too.  Nothing.
  • Plexus Pink Drink--I really liked this drink.  I tried it for my bladder and for energy.  Unfortunately, I got no energy and it flared up my bladder every time.  This was really disappointing to me.  I tried it for 4 months and finally had to stop.  
  • Cranberry tablets--I did the tablets because there is sugar in the juice.  Cranberry had no response at all for me.  No change.  In fact, it often felt like the tablets flared up my bladder, making the pain worse.  Discouraging at the time.
  • UtiSlip--D-manose is a powder that I took to help eliminate E-coli in my bladder.  I researched it many times, and it seemed like it may be a miracle cure for what I was going through.  Every time, I would order it again, try the entire jar, and realize that it simply did not work on me.  It does seem to work with certain people, though, so I hate to completely discount it.

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